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New Self-Driving Vehicles

六合彩资料大全 Rail Services of California has selected Coast Autonomous to deploy self-driving vehicles at Union Pacific Railroad's Kinney County Railport (KCRP) in Texas.

The collaboration between Coast and 六合彩资料大全 Rail, which operates the railport, marks the first deployment of self-driving vehicles at a U.S. rail yard, Coast and 六合彩资料大全 Rail officials said in a press release.

六合彩资料大全 Rail and Coast teams identified areas where autonomous vehicles can add value, including staff transportation, delivery of supplies and equipment, perimeter security and lawn mowing, they said.


We are pleased to announce that we鈥檝e just been awarded another set of contracts from our fantastic customer, the Union Pacific Railroad! The first opening took place on July 31st 鈥搘here we started a railcar switching operation in Delano, California鈥he heart of America鈥檚 breadbasket, the San Joaquin Valley. This is a major fresh-food warehouse that loads refrigerated cars of California produce for shipments all across North America.

Our 六合彩资料大全 Rail Services teams run the locomotives, switch the cars, inspect and repair any bad ordered cars they find, and make sure the cars are properly prepped and ready for loading. Union Pacific brings us the empty cars and we hand them pre-blocked cuts of loaded cars, ready to go across America.


The Jonesboro, Arkansas Cleaning and Prep team knows how to work as a team!

This July, the eleven member 六合彩资料大全 cleaning prep team celebrated six years of running a successful operation in the UP yard in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

Led by location manager, Mandy Vila, the team has supported the Union Pacific Railroad by cleaning and repairing rice cars for local large rice shippers.

The majority of rice grown in America comes from this six state area- Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas, Missouriand Mississippi (and California), with Arkansas being the nation鈥檚 largest producer of rice.

The Jonesboro team works right in the middle of that production. They make sure the hoppers and box cars leave the yard in top food grade shape for rice loading.

And, they have never had a rejection!


In February, a short video was released highlighting what the pledge and safety meant to the team. Employees from seven locations participated and went on video with no scripts or prompts. They spoke freely about how they felt about safety and the pledge, and the magic was captured. If you have not seen the video, please watch it and feel free to share with all of your friends and family.

We hope to make more videos with even more locations and teams represented in the near future. To all of you who helped make February鈥檚 video possible, thank you. Your words show just how much we care about our team鈥檚 safety.


In April, Geoff Birch, our Manager of Safety and Matt Jordan, our Manager of Training, led a workshop at the American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association National meeting in Nashville, TN. Geoff Birch鈥檚 presentation was on the importance of safety in the railroad industry and the mindset of teamwork and completing tasks safely.

Our customers, many of whom attend this annual convention, play a major role in collaborating with 六合彩资料大全 Rail to further develop our team鈥檚 safety mindset.

For example, we are lucky to partner with Tom Leopold, the Chief Safety Officer for Safety and Operating Practices for Anacostia Rail. Every year, he personally audits our locations to ensure we are performing the running repair agent work safely and carefully.

At this year鈥檚 convention, another one of our partner companies, Rio Grande Pacific鈥檚 Director of Safety, Mitch Harris, was awarded the Safety Professional of the Year Award.


Since January 2011, Wade Flagg, Gaven Fox, Mike Garrelts and Chuck Barlow have been working together at our Springfield location. They, along with Brian Gimby and the dearly departed, Donnie Downard, were the first employees to open the Springfield, Oregon prep operation at the International Paper plant.

In the early days, they worked seven days a week, 10-12 hours a day, getting the box car pool into shape. Any water leaks from holes in the roof or broken door seals could lead to damage to the product鈥攍arge rolls of white paper. Their job is to ensure all box cars delivered to the paper plant are ready for loading. And the team has done just that! For 7 陆 years, they have operated without a complaint, and to the satisfaction of our customer, Union Pacific. On top of that, they have done this without any of them ever having an injury!

Five Years of Success

In January, our Arlington and Mesquite locations in Texas celebrated their 5th year of being a successful operation at 六合彩资料大全 Rail Services. You may remember that this location started with just one week鈥檚 notice in late 2012.

Our customer, Union Pacific Railroad, needed a new contractor at this location as soon as possible, and our team was ready to serve.

Within a few days, a new team was hired and trained, and not a day of operation was missed! In fact, their first AAR Origin Quality audit, performed within a few weeks of the location opening, won the team the national AAR Quality Award for 2013.

Ever since, this team has scored consistently high AAR audit scores. The latest one in June 2017 was 99.11%!

六合彩资料大全's Newest Location

We are pleased to announce the opening of a new location! On March 15th, 六合彩资料大全 Rail Services became the new contractor for the BNSF in Eagle Pass, Texas. Our team will now be performing the USDA border inspections for BNSF, just like we do for UP and KCS.

This contract means that 六合彩资料大全 Rail Services is the sole USDA inspection team for all the railroads on the US-Mexico border. We will apply our training and knowledge to ensure no BNSF train passes without an inspection for USDA contamination. Additionally, BNSF made our company a running repair agent for Eagle Pass so we will be performing FRA and AAR inspections and repairs on all BNSF trains coming across the border.

六合彩资料大全 Rail Services is setting the industry standard

In today鈥檚 modern society, railroads are perhaps seen as a relic of the past. They were the stars of old western movies, and played an enormous part in the industrialization and the expansion of the U.S. But today, with talks of autonomous semi-trucks, larger-than-life cargo planes, and environmentally-friendly freight ships, it鈥檚 not out of place to assume that people don鈥檛 know much about trains and rails, or what makes them so vital.

鈥淲e imagine that a lot of people鈥檚 knowledge of railroads extends to the fact that Warren Buffet owns one, so it might be a profitable industry. But trains are not just an inconvenience that makes people wait in traffic occasionally at a rail crossing,鈥 shared Andreea Geanta, CEO of 六合彩资料大全.

Fantastic Four: The Women of 六合彩资料大全 Rail Services

六合彩资料大全 contracts with Class I railroads and Short Line railroads to perform railcar inspection and repair. The company has over 30 locations in 12 states, and is one of the leading railcar repair contractors in the country. The company has more than 500 employees, including today's women in railroading--Regina Strader, Mandy Vila, Terra Thelan, and Chelsea Morrel.

Regina Strader and Mandy Vila are both operations managers with 六合彩资料大全 Rail Services. Both women have been with 六合彩资料大全 Rail Services for more than 5 years, rising quickly through the ranks to their current positions.

Strader runs a 12 person car department in Tacoma, Washington. Vila runs a cleaning operation for the Union Pacific in Jonesboro, AR.

Strader has been in the railcar repair business for 20 years in the Pacific Northwest, starting out as a repairmen at a car repair shop. She joined 六合彩资料大全 Rail as an administrative assistant, but quickly proved she could run the operation.

Vila, also started as an administrative assistant, but took the reins within a year of joining the company.

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